To compliment our health services, we have a trained staff member to provide confidential financial management advice as well as a Social Worker for advocacy support. Also available is a Kaimanaaki to help support mums with children under 5 to engage and/or enrol in a local available pre-school.

These health and social team members are dedicated to helping our whanau and communities to become more empowered and therefore stronger.


Budgeting support offers: Free budgeting advice, advocacy support with other agencies or services (WINZ, IRD, HNZ, Ministry of Justice, Baycorp, Local clinics and chemists, Archibald Motors, and more), confidentiality and discretion, budgeting education, budgeting and savings plans.

A budget plan is a financial plan to help families into financial freedom. It involves helping people understand how to best manage any income, talking with creditors, understanding the importance of financial discipline, creating and maintaining a financial plan that allows value to everyday life, and also to realise the importance of setting goals.


Bella Nathan –

Health Promotion

Our mahi, is to work within the community to promote health messages and healthy lifestyles, as well as organising activities and events which incorporate the following aspects: Nutrition, Physical Activity, Quit Smoking and Breastfeeding, and can also include social, spiritual and emotional aspects of our wellbeing.


Bryar Crewther-Abraham –

Victoria Brown –


Charlotte provides a variety of support such as:

  • Facilitated hui – build strong relationships of trust and confidence with whānau and have an ongoing relationship.
  • Navigation services – Finding the right service provider for whānau to access health and social services that are available for their specific needs.
  • Advocacy – For Work and Income NZ or Health and Wellbeing
  • Support – Build strong relationships of trust and confidence with whānau
  • Planner – To walk alongside whānau to develop plans, set goals, support them to achieve their intended outcomes and document their success along the way.

Charlotte takes her responsibility very seriously, and your confidence in her role is paramount to her practice. Any enquiries, questions or information disclosed or given is classified and confidential.


Charlotte Tahitahi-Matiu –


We welcome all whanau with tamariki under 6 years old, in an educational and friendly space. My mahi here is to introduce and encourage whanau and tamariki to the adventure of education. Educating our whanau in the importance of Early Childhood Education and helping transition their tamariki into Daycare or Kohanga Reo.

The Puna is also a space available for you and your tamariki to wait for your appointments. If you are interested in enrolling any of your tamariki into our Puna, please contact me.


Arby Larsen –

Operating Days:

Monday – Te Kao Clinic. 10am-2pm
Tuesday-Thursday – Pukenui Clinic. 10am-2pm

Te Puarangi

This programme is a first for Whakawhiti Ora Pai and a first for the community. The programme is about taking a positive approach to address challenges

including addiction and supporting and enabling whanau on their wellbeing journey.


Barbara Larsen –

Pat Boyce –