To compliment our health services, we have staff members available to provide confidential social and advocacy support.

These health and social team members are dedicated to helping our whānau and communities to become more empowered, and therefore stronger.

Health Promotion

Funded By: 

Korikori-A-Iwi [KKAI] – Ministry of Health

Inter-Sectoral Community Action Health [ICAH] – Northland DHB

Our Health Promotion team works within the community to promote health messages and healthy lifestyles.

We organise activities, events and support whānau to access information pertaining to Nutrition, Physical Activity, Quit Smoking and Breastfeeding.


[KKAI] – Kimberley Blucher –

[ICAH] – Maquita Lia –


Funded By: Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency

Our Kaiārahi assists whānau in accessing integrated care and support, such as:

  • Navigation of services – Provide whānau with information about services that are available within our communities.
  • Whānau Ora – Support whānau to access opportunities that will strengthen relationships and improve their overall wellbeing.
  • Whānau Plans – Assist whānau to build on their strengths and achieve their aspirations.
  • Advocacy & Support – Our Kaiārahi will walk alongside whānau to support their interactions with other agencies and advocate for their needs.


Sera Murray –

Kaiāwhina/Health Coach

Funded By: Te Whatu Ora


Piki Te Ora (Remote Patient Monitoring) is focused on prevention, screening, early diagnosis, and self-management for whānau with long-term health conditions.

The Kaiāwhina’s key role is working closely with our clinical team; supporting whānau to gain the knowledge, skills, and confidence to manage their health outcomes from the comforts of home.

Health Coach:

Health coaching aims to build the capacity of whānau, as the decision-makers, to understand and determine their own strengths and outcomes.

The Health Coach promotes self-management support alongside the GP/RN by connecting whānau to information and resources.


Kimiora Barrett –