Te tino rangatiratanga oranga mo nga tangata katoa


The provision of quality services, skills and knowledge which empower people in our rohe to lead healthy lives


To provide accessible, affordable, accountable and appropriate services including but not exclusive to:

  • Health
  • Social
  • Education

Whakawhiti Ora Pai is translated as ’bridge to good health’.

The organisation grew in 1996 out of the Kia Mataara Resource Centre situated in Te Kao and the Te Reo Awhina Resource Centre in Te Hapua.

The growth and focus came after local communities identified the need to provide accessible, affordable, and appropriate primary health care services to its population. Initial funding for infrastructure was through the then Regional Health Authority.

The Management Committee (Board) was formed and continues to be representative of the communities of Te Hapua, Te Kao, Ngataki and Pukenui.

Our Logo

  1. The black part of the design are Mamaku (Ferns) which represent Maori Rongoa (Medicine).
  2. The colour purple was chosen for the overlaying design, as this is a healing colour.
  3. In the overlaying purple design, is two koru. The bottom and smaller koru represents the younger generation, and the larger koru and the top represents the older generation.
  4. This overlaying design represents our tamariki being protected, loved and nurtured by their elders.