Purchase of Northwood Ave

The Board of Whakawhiti Ora Pai are pleased to announce that as of 1st April we take possession of the premises previously known as the Wild Belle Restaurant at 7 Northwood Ave Pukenui. After substantial renovations commencing 2nd half of 2021, the building will become the new community health hub replacing the clinic at 5 Lamb Rd.

Once completed, the acquisition will allow us to expand our community programs as well as being ‘fit for purpose’ to provide appropriate service delivery to our increasing population base.

The Board would like to acknowledge the active support of the vendors Dianne Wedding and Marty Doody in allowing us significant extensions and extended settlement in order to facilitate a wide range of pre-conditions over a significant time frame. We would also like to make note of the fact that Dianne and Marty were supportive of Whakawhiti Ora Pai, from its initial inception of the Tohoraha clinic, being the landlords of the first rental/clinic site which was also located in Lamb Rd during the early 2000’s.

Whilst funding for the purchase of the property was arranged internally, we were very excited to receive notice only today that Foundation North has approved a substantial grant to cover the bulk of the renovations and we would like to publicly acknowledge their unstinting support throughout the whole planning and application process.

Normal services will be provided from the current clinic, which will be sold once the new clinic is in full operation.

Joan Norman
Whakawhiti Ora Pai
Board Chair