Services Offered

Clinical services include

  • Maori Primary Health and Health Promotion: To improve Maori health and reduce health inequalities.
  • Kaupapa Maori Advanced Chronic Care Service: Improve quality of life and care of those with chronic diseases.
  • Kaupapa Maori Advanced Nurse Service: To provide advanced nurse services.
  • Maori Primary Health; GP Service / clinic: Provision of nurse led and GP clinics
  • District Nursing: Provision of acute home services.
  • B4School Check: Comprehensive check of all 4 year olds pre-school.
  • Primary Response in Medical Emergency (PRIME): To provide a first response when an emergency occurs during normal working hours
  • Phlebotomy Services: Patient blood specimens are taken weekly and delivered to the Kaitaia Hospital laboratory.

Health Promotion services include

  • Intersectoral Community Action for Health (ICAH): Promotion of healthy lifestyles encouraging the growing and eating of fresh vegetables and fruit.
  • Korikori A Iwi: Healthy food and physically active community.
  • Tai Chi: To provide a modified Tai Chi programme for the elderly.
  • Child Seat Restraints: Increase usage, correct use and installation of child restraints.
  • Kura Maanaki - Taonga Tuku Iho: Provision of interactive and learning holiday programmes.
  • Tane Ora: Improve men’s health.